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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.

Henry David Thoreau

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Weight Loss Santa Fe Style

Welcome to a refreshing 21st century holistic systems approach to weight wellness

celebrating life in all its radiant beauty, diversity of form, underlying unity,

depth of potential, and fullness of being.

weight loss plan santa fe nm new mexico

Lose belly fat.

Weight Wellness

Experience weight loss Santa Fe Style:

Healthy & Natural  —  flowing with, not fighting your body

Holistic & Integral  —  nutrition, fitness, and motivation

Personal & Individual  —  computer customized for you

Smart & Sustainable  —  long-term proactive approach

Fun & Flexible  —  fitness can be fun!

Weigh different in The City Different.

Santa Fe is the second thinnest city in America, second only to Boulder, Colorado. Let’s beat those Boulder yuppies the Santa Fe way and make Santa Fe the thinnest city in America!

Welcome to a 21st century holistic systems approach:

• Working in harmony with your nature, not ‘conquering’ nature

• Health, wellness, and fitness instead of yo-yo dieting

• Get back in touch with your appetite instead of calorie counting

• Satisfy the appetite by nourishing your body instead of starving

• Real natural whole food over processed manufactured food

• Proactive lifestyle practices over reactive medical interventions

• Holistic integrated solutions over fragmented partial patches

• Positive psychology instead of boot camps and drill sergeants

• Long-term sustainability over short-term quick-fixes

Weight Loss Santa Fe Style >

Lose weight with positive psychology. Weight loss can be a positive experience. Fun healthy weight loss is more likely to be habituated into a long-term sustainable lifestyle of fitness, wellness, and wholeness.

Your healthy alternative to medical weight loss.

Weight Wellness is your holistic alternative to conventional medical weight loss, integrating the essentials

of a whole system into a complete package.

Weight Loss Santa Fe Style:

  • Nutrition Santa Fe Style

  • Personal Training Santa Fe Style

  • Weight Wellness Coaching Santa Fe Style

weight loss diet Santa Fe NM

Diet Santa Fe Style integrates the best weight loss diets.

Nutrition Santa Fe Style™

Mindful conscious eating, not mindless calorie counting

Honor your appetite instead of ignoring or repressing it

Get back in touch with appetite instead of starving yourself

Get back in touch with satiety instead of stuffing yourself

Eat different in The City Different.

A 21st century nutritional anthropology & evolutionary medicine

approach to nutrition and diet regarding what to eat:

The All-in-One Diet™

Combines and integrates the best weight loss diets:

• The Volumetrics Weight Control Plan

• The Glycemic Index Weight Loss Diet

• The Mediterranean Diet

• The South Beach Diet

• The Zone Diet

• The Paleo Diet

Computer Customized for:

• Your metabolic type

• Your endocrine type

• Your blood type

• Your body type

• Your Ayurvedic type

• Your Chinese Medicine type

Conscious Eating

Integrates Eastern & Western practices regarding

how and how much to eat:

• Modern science

• Postmodern systems thinking

• Intuitive Eating from Western psychology

• Mindful Eating from Buddhist psychology

Nutrition Santa Fe Style™ is your natural alternative to medical weight loss.

If you’re not motivated by the medical weight loss starvation & stomach stapling approach, then you have a clear alternative.

Nutrition Santa Fe Style >

Fitness Trainer Santa Fe NM: Positive Personal Training

Personal Training Santa Fe Style is about inspiring, not yelling.

Positive Personal Training™

Learning with, not tolerating your trainer

Old – boot camps and drill sergeant trainers who yell at you

New – a Positive Personal Trainer™ who inspires you

Holistic training for the whole person – body and mind

Train different in The City Different.

A 21st century positive psychology approach to training:

• Encouraging is better than judging

• Enthusiasm is better than criticism

• Praise is better than punishment

• Humor is better than humiliation

• Encouraging is better than yelling

• Inspiration trumps intimidation

• Kindness is better than criticism

• Fun is more effective than fear

If positive training is good for dogs isn’t it good for people too?

Personal Training Santa Fe Style™ is your positive alternative to boot camps and yelling.

If you’re not motivated by the traditional militaristic boot camp drill sergeant approach then you have a clear alternative: Positive Personal Training Santa Fe Style™. Work with a supportive trainer who inspires you, not a drill sergeant who yells at you.

Personal Training Santa Fe Style >

weight loss coach Santa Fe NM New Mexico

Jeff Nailen, Wellness Coach & Personal Trainer Santa Fe Style

Weight Wellness Coaching™

Open to all aspects of life beyond obvious diet & exercise

Holistic weight management for the whole person

Customized weight control for the unique person

Coaching from anywhere in the world over the Internet

Think different in The City Different.

A 21st century holistic systems approach that includes:

• Intrinsic motivation

• Goal-setting

• Willpower

• Self-discipline

• Positive affirmation

• Visualization

• Habituation

• Behavior modification

• Stages of change

• Stages of growth

• Positive psychology

• Social/emotional support

• Stress management

• Time management

• Meditation

Weight Wellness Coaching Santa Fe Style >

Your sustainable alternative to medical weight loss.

Go green from the inside-out:

   mental health  >  physical health  >  environmental health

“In order to understand the way our brains behave, we can observe our emotions and their effects. In the past, it seemed as though science and spirituality were opposed to each other. However, it’s not a useful division to maintain, because the one tradition deals with knowledge of the material world and the other with the inner world of the mind; we need to know about both.”

Dalai Lama

Let’s work for a healthy mind in a healthy body in a healthy culture on a healthy planet. Members of New Mexico GREEN Chamber of Commerce save 10% on all packages.

More on going green from the inside-out >

Santa Fe Personal Fitness Trainer Jeff Nailen, Weight Loss Specialist, Santa Fe NM New Mexico

Joaquin Zamora before & after working with Santa Fe Trainer Jeff Nailen.

The Arrival of Joaquin Zamora (excerpts)

“While local hardcore fans were not at all surprised that Joaquin Zamora, of Pecos, defeated Albuquerque’s Ray Sanchez III, the ease in which he did so was somewhat shocking.”

“Based on appearances, the fight was half-won before the first punch was thrown... Zamora’s six-pack abs and solid frame was a stark contrast to Sanchez’s untoned physique.”

“Just as noticeable was the difference in expressions, Zamora’s air of confidence pitted against Sanchez looking like he was somewhere else.”

“Zamora let the hands go and the first half-solid left hand that landed rocked Sanchez who turned his boxing plan into a survival game.”

“In the last 15 seconds of the round, Sanchez draped himself around the stronger Zamora, barely able to stand.”

“And when the bell rang, he was not only bleeding from a cut over his right eye, but looking dazed, as if he’d already been through a war.”

“What had taken Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. six rounds to accomplish, had been done with one good flurry of punches.”

“The end was near. In complete control, Zamora reopened the cut with his first attack on a near-finished Sanchez, who, spent and spooked by Zamora’s strength ... immediately sought to tie up, move and survive.”

“Hopefully retired, Sanchez falls to 21-3, 15 KOs.”

“Zamora, on the other hand, will, hopefully, now get a chance to reach his prime. Rising to 16-2-1, 11 KOs, with the biggest win of his career, Zamora is expected to re-enter top ten contention.”

Excerpts from media coverage of Joaquin Zamora’s first fight after training with Santa Fe Fitness Trainer Jeff Nailen.

NewMexicoBoxing.com 2008 Poll Results:

Most Improved Pro Boxer: Joaquin Zamora

Best New Mexico or El Paso fighter: Joaquin Zamora

Biggest upset involving a New Mexico or El Paso fighter:

Joaquin Zamora TKO- Ray Sanchez III

personal training Santa Fe user review: before and after pictures of weight loss

Anthony before & after working with Santa Fe Personal Trainer Jeff Nailen

“I am in the midst of a national ‘physique transformation’ contest sponsored by Experimental & Applied Sciences (EAS), a leading nutritional supplement company. Midway through the training program that Jeff put me on for this contest, a friend of mine actually accused me of having resorted to liposuction because my progress was so rapid!

“Because of this, we decided to do an interim assessment of my progress to date. After just the first eight weeks of my training, I have lost 23 pounds of body fat while at the same time gaining 13 pounds of muscle, and I’ve decreased my pants size from a tight 44 to a loose 38! Without ‘dieting’ or starving myself!

“If you are not impressed with the numbers I cited, see my before and after photos so you can see with your own eyes the difference that just 8 weeks of nutrition and training can make when it’s done right.”

Anthony Shearin

Santa Fe Suites

personal trainer Santa Fe NM Jeff Nailen

Jeff Nailen, Personal Trainer Santa Fe Style

Specializing in Healthy Weight Management

605 Baca Street,  Santa Fe, NM  87505

(505) 216-9829 • Email: jeff@SantaFeWay.com


A former semipro dancer and policy advisor to U.S. Senator Howell Heflin (D-AL), Chairman of the U.S. Senate Ethics Committee in Washington, DC, Jeff founded his holistic weight management practice in 1996 while in grad school at St. John's College in Santa Fe, also home to the world-renowned Santa Fe Institute, a leading center of systems thinking.

In losing weight and regaining his own fitness after years on Capitol Hill, Jeff realized that the prevailing old-school diet and exercise methods of conventional weight control, based on archaic 19th century Newtonian science, don’t work and are counterproductive, leading to the frustration that fuels dangerous fads as people naturally seek alternatives.

Pioneering an innovative holistic systems approach to the growing obesity and diabetes epidemics, Jeff is the creator of Weight Wellness, a healthy natural non-medical weight loss system:

  • Nutrition Santa Fe Style

  • Positive Personal Training

  • Weight Wellness Coaching

Grounded in postmodern systems thinking and integral transformative practices, and refined through 18 years of full-time experience helping Santa Feans lose weight, Santa Fe Way offers a smart sustainable path to weight wellness.

Learn more about Jeff, Personal Trainer Santa Fe Style >

“We were both very pleased with your recent presentation. We found it useful, interesting and informative.

“We especially like that you move beyond the Newtonian paradigm and integrate what we would call the "new sciences" into a fitness program. Your consideration of the human body as a complex adaptive system in looking at fitness training and weight loss is just plain exciting.

“This is essential and valuable work.”

Bill and Kathryn Robens

Management Consultants to Fortune 500 Companies

More Personal Training Testimonials >

Joaquin Zamora endorses Santa Fe Way

Pro Boxer Joaquin Zamora

“Working with Jeff has been very beneficial to my boxing career. Jeff took the guesswork out of how to eat for performance and he applied advanced training techniques such as plyometrics and interval training.

“Jeff played a very important part as I prepared for one of my biggest fights to date with the “Pride of Albuquerque” Ray Sanchez III. Not only did Jeff help maximize my strength, speed, and power, he also helped me make weight a lot easier with the specialized diet that he put together for me.

“Jeff’s positive energy and outlook also helped me to want to do my best and his use of sports psychology helped me enter the ring with supreme confidence. In the Ray Sanchez fight in which I was the underdog, I scored a third-round TKO to score one of my biggest wins to date.

“I recommend Jeff Nailen and his holistic approach to anybody who wants to lose weight, get in shape, or as in my case, prepare for competition.”

Joaquin Zamora

Pro Boxer in Santa Fe, NM

Former WBC U.S. National Welterweight Champion

#6 ranked welterweight in the world

“For excellence in a custom-tailored fitness program and personalized fitness training, we recommend Jeff Nailen. Both Dr. Martinez and Brenda Hart, RN, have used Jeff to design and provide personal training and coaching for a fitness program to improve muscle tone and help with our overall weight loss programs.

“Jeff Nailen also offers highly customized diet plans which we strongly recommend.”

Lynore Martinez MD

Brenda Hart RN

The Center for Medical Weight Loss

“In brief, Jeff’s program WORKS!! ...

I have lost over 55 pounds of fat and gained significantly in muscle.

“I had no idea that Santa Fe had such a wonderful resource! I had always been frustrated by the confusing and often conflicting nutritional and exercise recommendations offered by trainers, nutritionists, and doctors.

“All my life I have been looking for a program that brings everything together into one package. That is exactly what Jeff’s program does.”

Dr. Frederick Schuyler Fox

Santa Fe Opera

Santa Fe fitness is fun with a fun fitness trainer Santa Fe NM

Laura with Santa Fe Trainer Jeff Nailen.

“I was astonished by how easily I could gain strength on Jeff’s program. ...

I am excited to say that I have lost over 60 pounds while becoming one strong lady compared to how much I could lift before starting Jeff’s program. I am now working out with 445 pounds on leg press and bench pressing 50-pound dumbbells!”

Laura Godfrey,

Veterinary Technician

Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe weight loss user review Santa Fe NM

“Not only did working with Jeff help me lose weight, I’ve lost 44 pounds so far, and get toned and strong, but it helped immensely with my surgery.”

Elspeth Hilbert

The Santa Fe New Mexican Newspaper

Santa Fe, NM

“When I started working with Jeff I weighed 225 lbs. Today I weigh 190 lbs, reflecting 35 pounds of weight loss. What’s compelling is that I lost that weight while increasing muscle mass, so I’ve likely lost somewhere between 40 and 45 lbs of body fat.

“Jeff is a thinking man’s trainer. He is very current on the latest research on exercise and nutrition, and he brings his own insight from nearly twenty years of training experience. He offers an individualized, well thought, integrative approach to his training. Jeff’s rates are also competitive. If he charges a premium above other trainers it’s because he should.

“Before I started working with Jeff I was pre-diabetic, clinically obese, and hypertensive. My cholesterol and triglyceride levels were off the chart. I was a heart attack or stroke patient waiting to happen. I was also dealing with issues related to stress and anxiety. All of these conditions, to date, have been remediated. This was accomplished without the use of drugs, dangerous chemicals or hormones of any sort.

“Jeff is an inspiring example of someone doing exactly what they were meant to do on this earth, helping people in a meaningful way. It won’t take long for anyone to realize how passionate Jeff is about his work. I have worked with and known a number of trainers in my life. I am a former collegiate athlete, and I’ve worked with other professionals in his field. Jeff is by far the best fitness trainer I’ve ever known...”

Christopher Ihlefeld

Portfolio Manager & Managing Director

Thornburg Investment Management

weight loss Santa Fe NM Jennifer Primeax

“I’m a 40-year old woman who has gone from a 12/14-dress size to a size 4. Not only has my body been transformed, but my outlook as well. I give Jeff Nailen the highest recommendation for helping me achieve this for myself. Being fitter than I was in my twenties is liberating! Come and join me.”

Jennifer Primeaux

Massage Therapist, Bishop’s Lodge

Santa Fe, NM

Lose weight in Santa Fe like Hal Wingo did

“In six weeks I had shed just over 15 pounds (right from the middle) and was beginning to see a real improvement in my strength and flexibility. My waist size dropped from 36 inches to 32 (and headed for 31!)...

“His customized diet made my whole digestive system feel so much better that I was able to go off the magic little purple pills (first Prilosec and then Nexium) which different doctors had prescribed for the past 25 years in order to control acid reflux. 

“I dropped the Nexium four weeks after starting his diet, giving the remainder of my pills to a friend...and I have now gone a complete year without needing or taking any such medication. Jeff is an absolute threat to the prescription pharmaceutical industry!”

Hal Wingo

Former Senior Editor of LIFE Magazine

Founding Editor of PEOPLE Magazine

Lose weight in Santa Fe like Marie Fox

“I’ve lost 25 pounds and 7 inches off my waist with his diet and working out 3 times a week at the gym... I also participated in three 5Ks because Jeff inspired me to do this as part of my program.”

Marie Fox

New Mexico Department of Health

Santa Fe, NM

“The result is that my weight is steadily dropping. I have lost 25 pounds while gaining muscle and strength; my stamina is the greatest I have ever experienced; my doctor has halved my hypertension medication; and most remarkably, my adult-onset diabetes is now totally cured and I am off my Metformin medication.”

Linda Haukaas,

Professional Artist

Santa Fe, NM

"I have been a client of Jeff's twice. The first time was when I was newly diagnosed with type II diabetes. Jeff's enthusiasm and encouragement was contagious. I worked hard and lost 50 pounds and was in the best shape ever.”

Karen A. Glazier, RN

Santa Fe, NM

“Although I’ve been training for 20 years, I doubled my strength in several exercises in just three months while actually spending less time in the gym than before, and I now plan to use these principles to push my performance even further.”

Jeff Inman

National Center for Genome Resources

Santa Fe, NM

“Jeff Nailen’s program has improved my personal well-being. Before I met Jeff I weighed 310 pounds. Presently I weigh 235 pounds. I have lost 75 pounds on Jeff’s program.

“I highly recommend Jeff’s program to anyone who wants to improve their physical fitness.”

William Johnson

Manager, Office Depot

Santa Fe, NM

Lose weight in Santa Fe like Racquel Tompson

“I trained with Jeff for seven months, and I believe that hiring him as my personal trainer has been one of the smartest investments I have ever made. His talents to motivate and teach are just two of the many wonderful qualities Jeff possesses.

“I have never felt better nor looked better in my life, and I owe it all to Jeff.”

Raquel Baca-Tompson

Outside Magazine

Santa Fe, NM

“Since I started training with Jeff, I have lost 35 pounds. But that is the least important accomplishment! My strength on practically every exercise has nearly doubled. I have gone from not being able to do a push-up to being able to knock out twenty. I recently played my brother in tennis and he was shocked that I was serving harder than I ever had before. When you get a whole lot stronger, lots of things get better.

“My waist is six inches smaller, my neck is two inches smaller, and my muscle tone has changed from flabby to solid. My confidence about my appearance is much improved. My entire outlook on life has become more positive.”

Edward Maran

Portfolio Manager & Managing Director

Thornburg Investment Management

“Jeff Nailen’s skill in tailoring a realistic exercise program for me – a 61-year old woman who had not exercised seriously for years – combined with his up-to-date knowledge of nutrition and dietary issues assured me that I could achieve my fitness goals. Two immediate results have been increased energy and sounder sleep, and I credit Jeff’s enthusiastic support and persistent, yet patient, encouragement with helping me stick to my program.”

Elizabeth O’Neil


Santa Fe, NM

“Jeff is an excellent personal trainer who is very knowledgeable of his profession. Since we have been working with Jeff our strength and energy levels have increased beyond our expectations. We highly recommend him.”

Christopher & Tamara Montoya

CJ’s Landscaping

Santa Fe, NM

“I have had several personal trainers in Houston and Santa Fe.

“Jeff is clearly in a class by himself.”

Katherine E. Cullen


Santa Fe, NM

More Weight Loss Success Stories >


Less effort by doing it smarter.

• Tools that work together are easier, faster, and more effective.

• Tools customized for you are easier, faster, and more effective.

All holistic so it’s healthier.

All inclusive so it’s easier.

All natural so it’s safer.

All local so it’s closer.

easy as 1, 2, 3:


Customized for your

  1. • Metabolic Type

  2. • Endocrine Type

  3. • Ayurvedic Type

  4. • Blood Type

Nutrition Santa Fe Style >


Customized for your

  1. • Muscle Fiber Type

  2. • Metabolic Type

  3. • Current Fitness

  4. • Goals

Fitness Santa Fe Style >


Customized for your

  1. • Personality Type

  2. • Spiral Dynamics Type

  3. • Coaching Style

  4. • Goals

Coaching Santa Fe Style >

Weight Wellness:

Santa Fe Way                                          Weigh different.

Lose weight Santa Fe Style with Santa Fe Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach Jeff Nailen
Strength Training Santa Fe NM
Weight Wellness Project Manager Santa Fe Style New Mexico

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