“In the sport of professional boxing, there are many myths when it comes to conditioning. Before I met Jeff Nailen, I was stuck in the monotony of the typical boxing workout. Running five miles before sunrise and a boxing workout in the evening was normal for me to be in condition for upcoming bouts. I had tried different workouts and diets but it was a lot of guesswork on how to put a good program together.

“Working with Jeff has been very beneficial to my boxing career. We started working together in early 2008. Jeff took the guesswork out of how to eat for performance and he applied advanced training techniques such as plyometrics and interval training. Jeff played a very important part as I prepared for one of my biggest fights to date with the “Pride of Albuquerque” Ray Sanchez III. Not only did Jeff help maximize my strength, speed, and power, he also helped me make weight a lot easier with the specialized diet that he put together for me.

“Jeff’s positive energy and outlook also helped me to want to do my best and his use of sports psychology helped me enter the ring with supreme confidence. In the Ray Sanchez fight in which I was the underdog, I scored a third-round TKO to score one of my biggest wins to date.

“Thanks to Jeff, I enter my bouts with the confidence that I am ready to do battle knowing that I am ready physically and mentally to perform at my best. Having known Jeff since early 2008, I consider Jeff to not only be a top notch personal trainer, but also a very close friend. I recommend Jeff Nailen and his holistic approach to anybody who wants to lose weight, get in shape, or as in my case, prepare for competition. It will be a choice that you will not regret!”

Joaquin Zamora

Pro Boxer

Former WBC U.S. National Welterweight Champion

#6 ranked welterweight in the world

Pro record working with Jeff Nailen: 3-0 (2 KO’s)

Overall pro record: 18-3-1 (12 KO’s)

NewMexicoBoxing.com 2008 Poll Results:

Most Improved Pro Boxer: Joaquin Zamora

Best New Mexico or El Paso fighter: Joaquin Zamora

Biggest upset involving a New Mexico or El Paso fighter: Joaquin Zamora TKO- Ray Sanchez III

  1. Excerpts from media coverage of Joaquin Zamora’s first fight after training with Jeff Nailen:

  2. The Arrival of Joaquin Zamora

  3. “While local hardcore fans were not at all surprised that Joaquin Zamora, of Pecos, defeated Albuquerque’s Ray Sanchez III, the ease in which he did so was somewhat shocking...Little-known outside New Mexico, Zamora had fought his way up the ladder and into top ten WBC contention...Though a 2½-to-1 favorite on the uninformed Internet sportsbooks, Sanchez entered the ring second...Based on appearances, the fight was half-won before the first punch was thrown...Zamora’s six-pack abs and solid frame was a stark contrast to Sanchez’s untoned physique. Just as noticeable was the difference in expressions, Zamora’s air of confidence pitted against Sanchez looking like he was somewhere else...

  4. “Zamora let the hands go and the first half-solid left hand that landed rocked Sanchez who turned his boxing plan into a survival game. In the last 15 seconds of the round, Sanchez draped himself around the stronger Zamora, barely able to stand. And when the bell rang, he was not only bleeding from a cut over his right eye, but looking dazed, as if he’d already been through a war...What had taken Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. six rounds to accomplish, had been done with one good flurry of punches. The end was near. In complete control, Zamora reopened the cut with his first attack on a near-finished Sanchez, who, spent and spooked by Zamora’s strength and the blood seeping through his sliced brow, immediately sought to tie up, move and survive.

  5. “Barely a minute into the third, the Referee Stephen Blea called time and the ringside doc inspected the cut. The physician gave him the green light to continue but Sanchez told him his vision was blurry – which put an end to the fight. It might also have put an end to Sanchez’s career. Hopefully retired, Sanchez falls to 21-3, 15 KOs. Zamora, on the other hand, will, hopefully, now get a chance to reach his prime. Rising to 16-2-1, 11 KOs, with the biggest win of his career, Zamora is expected to re-enter top ten contention.”

Sports psychology isn’t just for pro athletes —

it can help you lose weight too.

“For excellence in a custom-tailored fitness program and personalized fitness training, we recommend Jeff Nailen. Both Dr. Martinez and Brenda Hart, RN, have used Jeff to design and provide personal training and coaching for a fitness program to improve muscle tone and help with our overall weight loss programs.

“Jeff Nailen also offers highly customized diet plans which we strongly recommend.

Lynore Martinez MD

Brenda Hart RN

The Center for Medical Weight Loss

“Jeff brings wit, humor and broad intelligence to a workout. He is encouraging and supportive. He prescribed a food plan, (not a diet) that is working for me; and I have lost 12 pounds in 8 weeks. I have another 10 to go and am confident I can achieve it. I recently had a stent procedure that went without a hitch (no pun intended) to which I attest the conditioning Jeff helped me with for the past few months. I signed up for a year and it was/is a good decision.

“I heartily recommend Jeff Nailen for your Fitness Training and Health needs.”

Howard Rubin

Pinon Ranch Land & Water Co.

“Two months ago, at my ideal weight, walking two plus miles daily, and doing Egoscue exercises 45 minutes a day, I felt I was in pretty good shape for an 84-year-old. For the last ten years my former employer had provided annual health reviews saying I would benefit from strength training: a recommendation I steadily ignored. But I’d had half a rib removed, and left shoulder and right wrist surgeries, and I knew I was getting more fragile.

“Two months ago I took the plunge and started working with Jeff. I was shocked at how weak I really was. My hands were killing me. Jeff skillfully worked around and through my issues so now I can say I feel better than I did when I retired. My wife comments on the new color in my cheeks. I should have started with weights long ago: gentle cardiovascular and yoga-style exercises alone are not enough.

“It’s nice being able to relax and completely trust my trainer. Santa Fe is lucky to have as masterful a trainer as Jeff.”

Charles Winston

Retired Electrical Engineer

“Just wanted to say thanks, I think your training and coaching program is great. I feel great and haven't been sick since I started your plan. This is the longest I've been healthy in the last 2 years – I attribute that to your eating and training plan. The training plan was a surprise to me – as you may recall I wasn't that interested in the training plans as I thought I knew what I was doing :-)  But I see a difference not only in my muscle tone but in my strength and cardio fitness. The improvements in health and well being and the new muscle strength and cardio fitness really help to keep me motivated to keep up the program. This, I think, is key to life long success with diet and exercise.

“Thanks again and best of luck with all your endeavors!”

Martha Formosa, IBM

Santa Fe, NM

“I have had several personal trainers in Houston and Santa Fe. Jeff is clearly in a class by himself.”

Katherine E. Cullen

Santa Fe, NM

“I came to Jeff with a tall order. I wanted to get stronger but was not in a place where loosing weight (feeling attractive) was something I was ready to do. I in fact had some pretty intense resistance to it. Jeff has a unique combination of knowledge, a gentle and generous spirit with firm encouragement that pushes me to perform at my best. He does this without falling back on subtle but judgmental remarks or raging drill seargant behaviors like some trainers do. His ego is safely and sturdily rooted in himself—not your looks so he has a deep well from which to draw encouragement and knowledge.

“With Jeff we worked together to create a program that specifically addressed a program that worked best for me. We are currently focusing on bridging a positive relationship between me and my body. As i am sure many can relate to my body and i are at best disconnected and at worst at war with each other.  

This is something he understands while encouraging forward movement.”

C.J. Santa Fe

“I like the way Jeff teaches me healthy ways to eat better and the importance of taking my vitamins and minerals. Doing these make me feel healthy and happy. I always feel great after our high energy workouts, especially after stretching. Jeff emphasizes the importance of stretching daily. Jeff is a good influence on me. Because of his teaching and positive encouragement I eat healthy, take my vitamins, and exercise daily. I am very grateful for Jeff's training and my improved health.”

Angeles Lopez

“Jeff is an excellent personal trainer who is very knowledgeable of his profession. Since we have been working with Jeff our strength and energy levels have increased beyond our expectations. We highly recommend him.”

Christopher & Tamara Montoya

Owners, CJ’s Landscaping
Santa Fe, NM

“Jeff Nailen’s program has produced outstanding results in my effort to redesign my physique. In just twelve weeks I gained ten pounds of lean muscle and increased my overall strength by 28%. All of this was accomplished in just three short but intense workouts per week. Key to my success was Jeff’s in-depth knowledge of exercise techniques and nutrition. This gave him the tools to design a workout routine tailored to my muscle fiber type and personal goals.”

Miles Smith

Health Physicist & Nuclear Waste Consultant
Los Alamos, NM

“I have had other trainers in the past, but was surprised at how rapidly I got results when I started training with Jeff. I saw more results with him, that other people also noticed, within just the first few weeks of training. No one helps me achieve my goals like he does – I actually see a noticeable improvement in my body, strength, and flexibility literally from session to session. Jeff is an extremely knowledgeable and highly effective trainer and coach; after training with him, I could never go back to anyone else.”

Raymond Ortega

Santa Fe, NM

“Jeff’s program is outstanding. I noticed improvement in my strength within weeks of starting, and reached my goals within months. Jeff Nailen designed a program for me which helped me achieve significant improvement in strength with less pain and agony than I anticipated. Jeff is highly professional and intelligent. He teaches the physiology of strength-building and nutrition, making the training sessions very interesting. I highly recommend his program for anyone looking to get into shape.”

Kimberly Stertzer, Mother
Santa Fe, NM

“I’ve spent 20 years training as hard as I could for rock climbing, martial arts, and general fitness. I thought I was pretty much at the limits of my abilities and performance given my physiological build and age. By teaching me how to work smarter  instead of longer and harder, Jeff allowed me to make significant gains in a very short time. For example, although I’ve been training for 20 years, I doubled my strength in several exercises in just three months while actually spending less time in the gym than before, and I now plan to use these principles to push my performance even further.”

Jeff Inman

Software Developer

National Center for Genome Resources

“After I moved to San Diego I fell off track with my diet and exercise...got caught up in work, my son, and school. I am back on it, just got back on my customized diet and started taking your recommended supplements again and have started working out properly again. I have had a few trainers since moving to California Jeff and NONE have come anywhere close to your knowledge and expertise. It’s really frustrating! What none of the other trainers get is the importance of consistency. They want to change my routine all the time and make me do reps. I wish I could have brought you with me!” 

Lisa Tayebi

Skyriver Communications Inc.

San Diego, CA

“Jeff showed me a new way of training that is not only state of the art and based in science, it really works! Jeff puts a lot of time and energy into every one of his clients, and it shows. I began to see results almost immediately. Jeff created a custom diet tailored to maximize my personal goals. Our workouts are hard, but very fun and very rewarding. Deciding to train with Jeff was the best decision I could have every made for my body. The skills he has given me will allow me to continue to train, get stronger, and lose weight for the rest of my life. Right now, I am stronger than I have ever been and my soccer skills are noticeably improved because of it. Jeff is awesome!”

Rebekah Reyes

Soccer Coach

Santa Fe, NM

“The following is a completely unsolicited endorsement:

“I met Jeff Nailen just over a year ago when he was training a client at Ft. Marcy. When I mentioned to Jeff that I was thinking of hiring a personal trainer, he suggested I take a look at his website for a full description of his approach to health training and physical fitness. After reviewing the site, I almost did not call him back because it seemed to me that his program was primarily aimed at weight loss...I have been slim all my life and at 6’2’ never weighed more than 185 pounds. I told Jeff that my goals were not weight loss but strength training, increasing flexibility and enjoying a greater energy level.

“Without hesitating, Jeff said that all of these goals were consistent with the overall weight loss and health programs he offered. He encouraged me to take a metabolic test and other tests to determine what kind of diet would be most helpful in reaching my goals. Dubious though I was, I did the metabolic survey and Jeff prepared a highly individualized diet for me along with two to three training sessions a week aimed at reaching my personal goals.

“About that 185 pounds: I might as well admit that what fat there was on my body circled my midsection like an inner tube. We started with body measurements to have something for comparing any progress I might make. In six weeks I had shed just over 15 pounds (right from the middle) and was beginning to see a real improvement in my strength and flexibility. My waist size dropped from 36 inches to 32 (and headed for 31!).

“As if that were not encouraging enough, his customized diet made my whole digestive system feel so much better that I was able to go off the magic little purple pills (first Prilosec and then Nexium) which different doctors had prescribed for the past 25 years in order to control acid reflux. I dropped the Nexium four weeks after starting his diet, giving the remainder of my pills to a friend (who was not training with Jeff!), and I have now gone a complete year without needing or taking any such medication. Jeff is an absolute threat to the prescription pharmaceutical industry!

“Jeff and I now train twice a week. I am 77 and my overall physical health has never been better. And here’s the unadvertised benefit of working with Jeff:  He is always extremely pleasant and thoughtfully considerate of his clients,  focusing with laser attention on the client to make sure all exercises are performed correctly for maximum effect while making the training sessions more fun than actual work. There is no way to “sell” that kind of attention. It comes from the character of the trainer and Jeff has it in abundance.

“My bottom line advice for anyone trying to make sense out of all the Internet, television and advertising bloviating about different approaches to weight control is simply this: Anyone seriously interested in taking charge of their weight, their health and their future only needs to remember two words: Jeff Nailen. Trust me, the Santa Fe Way works – but don’t even think about trying to steal my training times!”

Hal Wingo

Former Senior Editor of LIFE Magazine

Co-founder of PEOPLE Magazine

Santa Fe, NM

“Jeff Nailen’s skill in tailoring a realistic exercise program for me – a 61-year old woman who had not exercised seriously for years – combined with his up-to-date knowledge of nutrition and dietary issues assured me that I could achieve my fitness goals. Two immediate results have been increased energy and sounder sleep, and I credit Jeff’s enthusiastic support and persistent, yet patient, encouragement with helping me stick to my program.”

Elizabeth O’Neil

Santa Fe, NM

“Jeff has provided personal training to my elderly parents for over three years. Jeff is a patient, kind, and highly skilled personal trainer. Jeff cares about his clients and goes above and beyond the call of duty on their behalf. Jeff motivated a highly unmotivated client, my Father, to exercise. My Father had not exercised prior to Jeff’s intervention. Dad was 84 at the time. Jeff also worked with my Mother, who lives with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

“I am absolutely convinced that my Father has lived as long as he has because of Jeff’s personal training and motivational skills. When he started he could not stand up without assistance and couldn’t open jars. Now he is much more self-sufficient.

“I am equally convinced that my Mother has maintained her walking ability due to Jeff’s consistency in providing his services and the care he shows for my Mother. Anyone who hires Jeff is hiring the best there is in personal training. He is a consummate professional and takes pride in his work, and it shows in the results he gets from his clients.”

Barbara Michael

Santa Fe, NM

“I was fortunate to be one of Jeff’s first clients in Santa Fe. I trained with Jeff for seven months, and I believe that hiring him as my personal trainer has been one of the smartest investments I have ever made. His talents to motivate and teach are just two of the many wonderful qualities Jeff possesses.

“I have never felt better nor looked better in my life, and I owe it all to Jeff.”

Raquel Tompson

Human Resources Manager

Outside Magazine

"Jeff’s presentation was excellent. I have worked out off and on most of my adult life, even had a personal trainer or two along the way. Jeff has taught me more about maintaining my body in two hours than I had learned previously. He has shared the latest science and helped me develop a personal fitness routine that actually fits into my life rather that taking it over.

“If I was as good at golf as he is at his profession I would be on the PGA Tour."

Barry Ratchford


Santa Fe, NM

“We were both very pleased with your recent presentation. We found it useful, interesting and informative.

“We especially like that you move beyond the Newtonian paradigm and integrate what we would call the "new sciences" into a fitness program. Your consideration of the human body as a complex adaptive system in looking at fitness training and weight loss is just plain exciting. This is essential and valuable work.”

Bill and Kathryn Robens

Management Consultants to Fortune 500 Companies

Santa Fe, NM

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